The Voice June 14, 2011 Call Numbers to Vote 6/14/11

The first elimination night for the live rounds happens on The Voice on June 14, 2011. Two will be eliminated, one from Christina’s team and one from  Blake Shelton’s team. It will either be Raquel Castro, Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan or Lily Elise and Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake, Dia Frampton or Xenia Martinez. Who will remain?

The show will continue for the Live Performance Round 2. It will be from Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green’s team. The performers are:

Adam Levine’s Team:
Casey Weston – 1-855-864-2302
Javier Colon – 1-855-864-2308
Devon Barley – 1-855-864-2304
Jeff Jenkins – 1-855-864-2306

Cee Lo Green’s Team:
Vicci Martinez – 1-855-864-2303
Nakia – 1-855-864-2305
Tori & Taylor Thompson – 1-855-864-2301
Curtis Grimes – 1-855-864-2307

Get ready to cast your votes after the show. It’s available to vote online and iTunes! In the meantime, here’s the preview where our votes will be revealed live, can’t wait!


Top Vote earner from Team Christina is Beverly McClellan

Christina’s save is Frenchie Davis

Top Vote earner from Team Blake is Dia Frampton

Blake’s save is Xenia

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